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   My name project

Country: Belarus
Student Age Level : 10-11
Number of student involved :

Teacher's name : Julia Kepushevskaya

Name of School: Gymnasium 4 Minsk, Belarus

E-mail: ulewa@mail.ru

 My name’s Julia. I’m from Belarus, a beautiful country of blue lakes, golden fields and green forests. But my name’s international.

J-  joyful

U- unique

L-  loving

I-  inventive

A- active

A person by this name has a brief mention in the New Testament. It was born by a few early saints and martyrs, including the patron saint of Corsica. Shakespeare used the name in his comedy 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona' (1594). It has been common as a given name in the English-speaking world only since the 18th century.

Some famous people had this name: Julius Ceasar, Juliette, Julia Roberts,

I was given this name by my parents. My friends and relatives call me non-officially Julya/ Julesha/ Julka. My colleagues call me Julia Viktorovna. My pupils call me Miss Julia;). I love my name! It’s powerful, energetic and flexible!

         These are my talented pupils! 

Hi I live in Belarus in Minsk and go to gymnasium number 4. My name’s Alesia. My name is a traditional Belarusian name. There’s even a song “There lives a girl in Belarusian Palesse. Her name’s Alesia,Alesia… ” There is a less common short form of the name: Les, Lesya, Lesyonok. My parents gave me this name. My great grandmother’s name was Alesia. Some celebrities have my name: Alesya Zeleznova (an actress), Alesya Forshera (an athlet), Alesya Yarmolenko (a singer), Alesya Povx (a singer).


   L- lovely

   E- energetic

   S- secure


   A- active

Hello! My name is Nikolay. I live in Belarus. My name is international. In the Greek language it means “victory”. I’m proud of my name!

My dad gave me this name because he and my mum like it. My uncle is the first person who had this name.

My friends usually call me Kolya. My relatives call me Nikolay.     

N    NICE                       







Hello! My name is Lilia.
I am from Belarus.
I leave in the capital. It is Minsk.
I learn in Belarusian Gymnasium 4.
My name means a lily flower in my native language. This flower is nice and beautiful.
My parents decided that I looked like a flower.
I am the first person with this name in my family.
Some famous people have this name, for example: Estel Lilian Voinich (famous writer from GB), Lily Allen (young actress, singer from GB).
Many actresses, scientists, painters, sportsmen, singers have the name Lili.
The non-official version of my name is : Lili, Lilka, Lilichka, Liljok…
L- love
I – ice-cream
L- lambent
I- interesting
A- active
I from Belarus,Minsk,Gumnasiym №4.My name is Alexei,Alesha,Lesha,Alex.My parents gave me my name.
Nobody had this name in my family.Tzar Alexei Mikhailovich(of Rusia) had this name.The official version of this name is Alexei.My friends call me Lesha.

Im from Belarus.
My name is Angelina.
My name means «an angel» in my native language.
My name is beautiful.
My mum gave me this name.
I am the first person in my family who has this name.
I know some famous persons: Angelina Vovk, Angelina Jolly, Angelina Stepanova and Angelina Samoshina.
The non-official version of my name is Lina, Nina, Alina.
A – attentive
n – noisy
g – gallant
e – elegant
l – lazy
I – impossible
n- natural
a - accurate

                   I’m from Belarus, Minsk, Gymnasium № 4.
                  My name‘s Artyom.
                  The name of Artyom from Greek means «perfect health». At school attentive, remembers, learns well. Growing up, becomes more active, mobile, takes the role of the leader in the class. Easily shares the leadership with friends. Not greedy, is ready to share the most expensive with a friend. Artyoms can be doctors, journalists, teachers, architects, builders.  Artyoms are available in almost any profession and everywhere they succeed.
                   I have this name, because my parents gave me this name.
                   I don’t know any person who had such name in my family.
                   The famous person who had such name was Holy great martyr Artemius.
                   The non-official version of my name are Art, Arty, Tyomka.
            A – active.
R – racy (who has a lot of energy)
T – tactful.
Y – youthful.
O – objective.
M – malleable (who makes concession).
Now I’d like to tell you about my hobby. My hobbies are music and karate. I play the accordion. I have the 5th belt in the karate.

Hi, I’m Alexandra and I’m from Belarus.
I don’t know what my name means in my native language, but I know it means help, hope and protection in Greek.
 My dad gave me this name, because he likes name Alexandra.
 My great-grandmother was the first woman who had this name. An uncle of my grandfather was the first man in my family who had name Alexander.
Now I’ll tell you about famous persons who had my name:
Alexander Makedonski, Alexander Suvorov (Russian general), Alexander Chavchavadze, Alexander Maslyakov , Alexander Pushkin (Russian writer), Alexander Lukashenka is president of my country, Alexandra Jacobi, Alexandra Petrova (Russian actress), Alexandra Kolantai, Alexandra Pahmutova (Russian composer), Alexandra Yakovleva.
My friends don’t call me Alexandra. They call me: Sasha, Sashka, Saha, Smash, Alexa and Alexyuha) I love name Alexyuha very match! =)

Hello. I’m Pavel.
 P – patient
 A – active
 V – victor
 E – elf
 L - little
I’m from Belarus. I was born in Gomel, but I live in Minsk.
My name is from latin “paulius’’ means small.
I’m a great helper for my mum because I look after my little sister Kseniya. I usually go to the kindergarten to take her home and I often play different games with her when my parents are very busy.
I’m a kind person, but sometimes
I get angry at some things for example I’m angry when I get  bad marks.
Who gave me this name? My parents did. They like this name very much because they can also call me Pavlusha, Pasha, Pavlunya and I like it very much. (I have 2 grandads.  Their names are Sasha and Petya but I’m Pasha!!!). Nobody had the same name in our family. I like my name very much.
Today some famous people also  have the same name like me. One of them is Pavel  Bure who is the world champion in hockey. There’s also Pavel Latushko who is a Minister of culture in Belarus. And what about the Tsar Pavel I who was the son of Peter III and Ekaterina II ?

Hello! My name is Katya. I am from Belarus. I study in National Belarusian Gymnasium 4. In ancient Greece my name meant "always clean". I was given this name because my dad likes name Ekaterina. He gave me this name. I am the first person in our family who has the name of Ekaterina. Some famous people had this name: Ekaterina the Great, Ekaterina 1(Russian empress). The non official version of my name is  Katya, Katjusha.

I`m from Belarus. My name is Daniel. My name means impatient, polite, diligent. My name’s beautiful. This name was given to me by my mum. My grandfather was the first person in my family who had the same name. Daniel Defo had my name. The name Danila is a non official version of my name.